When my daughter, Chelsea, came home from school in a very crabby mood one day, I tried to cheer her up by being silly and "pinching" her like a lobster but she wouldn't have any of it.  So instead, I gave her a hug, a snack and some alone time to unwind. A little later, I went back to check on my moody crabby girl and she was back to her ole happy Chelsea self again.  It was then that I realized it's okay to take time to move through a bad mood in your own way. I wrote and illustrated this book to give children a language to describe their feelings with the help of some funny underwater creatures.

My newest book, "You're a Crab" is now on sale!

"Swirling illustrations that mix paint and tissue paper to create a prevailing sunny mood that might persuade a few "mopey manatees" to change their tune." 

—Publishers Weekly

“This picture book will reassure young children that even if they feel crabby one day, the very next day they can be happy and silly again."

School Library Journal

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Here's some fun and informative Covid-19 animations for your kids:

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